To support our past and future students, we run regular events to deepen and share the knowledge behind our meditation and services.

For our meditation students we hold regular events to inspire and expand your meditation experience.

Our breakfasts and information evenings give future students the opportunity to decide whether the program is right for them. These events are the perfect opportunity to ask all questions in a relaxed environment, discovering more about the process and how it can transform your life for the better.

Our workshops dive deeper into Yoga, Ayurveda, Holistic Health and Meditation.

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Upcoming Events



4 part series


“In the great teaching of the Veda, there is no touch of sectarianism. It is of all ages, climes and nationalities, and is the royal road for the attainment of the Great Knowledge.”





To be awake, full and vital is to be absorbed in the present moment. Yet the path towards this space of contentment can, amidst the flow of our daily living, seem riddled with roadblocks.


Join us for an experiential fusion of yoga practice, discussion and intentional journaling, to deepen your knowledge of an integrated Self. Through this process, create a road map which l...
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Meditation Course

2020 Dates: Every month – 4 days duration. See all dates here
Location: Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

Our Meditation Program is taught in four sessions. In these carefully-design yet simple sessions, you will develop a deeper understanding of the mind from both the perspective of modern science...
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Rejuvenation Days

** Please note, these rejuvenation days are for our Meditation students only





  • When: Sunday, February 14th 
  • Location: The Veda Wellness Centre, Heidelberg
  • Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm


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Free ONLINE Introduction to Meditation Talk

Dates: Monthly. Next Date: 16th June, 2020
Location: Online

Would you like to learn more about how our Meditation Program can transform your health and wellbeing?

Our free information sessions are the ideal way to connect with us, discovering the details of the program and asking any questions in person.

Join our teachers and learn a...
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Meditation Course

The Success Without Stress Program is taught in four sessions. In these carefully-design yet simple sessions, you will develop a deeper understanding of the mind from both the perspective of modern science and ancient wisdom, gaining the practical tools required to minimize the effects of stress.

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Meditation & Advanced Philosophy

We conduct regular group meditation evenings, where advanced Vedic, Ayurvedic and Yogic Philosophy can be discussed with like-minded fellow students and past clients. Upcoming dates for these evenings are as follows.

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Rejuvenation Days

Our Rejuvenation Days are specifically designed to boost your Ayurvedic and Meditation practices, reconnecting you to the core principles of perfect health and effective meditation.

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Success Without Stress Breakfast

Our Success Without Stress Breakfasts are the perfect setting in which to discover more about how the program can revolutionize your health and boost your success levels while eliminating stress from your life. We invite you to join us to learn more.

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Retreats, Bali

During this 7 Day Retreat Program, Sukhavati’s highly experienced Ayurvedic practitioners and technicians will guide you through the ancient purification and rejuvenation program specific to Ayurveda called Panchakarma.

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Group Meditation Sessions

Join us monthly at our Wellness Centre for a group meditation. Its a great change to connect to a community of meditators and catch up with your teacher.

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