With Lucy Lawes & Tegan Wallis.


A Veda Wellness x Esturay Yoga collaboration







$60 | incl. Ayurvedic gifts

At Estuary Yoga Space, North Melbourne



We are living in an anxious society.


Yet Yoga and Ayurveda teach us about Ananda, bliss, this deep ocean of peace which resides at the heart of pure aliveness. How we navigate the space in between forms our daily experience.

This session is designed to offer a framework to help us understand the nature of anxiety. From the lens of Vedic wisdom practices, we examine how to identify the patterns which create disharmony and energy dispersal, as well as ways to pacify our imbalances.


There is a focus on pranayama (breathwork), yin yoga, and meditation, as well as the use of diet, daily routine and visualization.



Together we will:


~ Move through a rejuvenating series of practices, from gentle movement which tones the nervous system, to pranayama (breath work) and sound to distil and help focus the mind-body


~ Gain insight into the energy body and 5 Koshas (sheaths), each of which unravel towards a state of peaceful presence


~ Explore individual and collective reflections about the states of anxiety and ways we can move towards centre, stability and ease


~ Discover accessible ways to implement calming practices, including breath and meditation techniques, into your daily rhythm


Soak in practices and discussions to enrich your toolbox of accessible Yogic remedies. Expand your capacity to tune in, deepen resilience, and rest in a more compassionate, peaceful sense of Self.

Experience an open, warm and supportive environment, and abundant resources for continued self-study. And Ayurvedic snacks (of course).



All are welcome – no yoga experience necessary.



Sing up here.