F l o w is a series of workshops that teach us to ride nature’s waves, so we can effortlessly flow through each day, season and year, using ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic self-care practices.


These routines and practices not only improve our overall health and wellness, but most importantly deepen the experience of self-knowledge; of knowing intimately our body, mind and spirit, and how to care and love these compassionately and fully.

A steady routine of small healthy habits performed consistently with the rhythms of nature, has immense cumulative benefits in our lives.

In Ayurveda, Daily Routine (‘Dinacharya’ in Sanskrit) and Seasonal Routines (‘Ritucharya’) are the foundation for vibrant health, happiness and spiritual advancement.

This workshop series is designed to educate you on the fundamentals of a morning routine, night time routine and seasonal routine, and how to make mindful choices throughout the day that keep us in flow with natures pulse. The workshops complement each other but can be attended as a stand-alone.

Throughout the workshops we’ll learn the rhythms of the body in terms of the ancient Ayurvedic Body clock, and the modern science view of the circadian rhythm. Learn how to wake feeling refreshed, how to get deep nourishing sleep and how to move through the year in perfect health to prevent colds, flus and end of year burn out.

We will explore these practices in a fun, embodied and open-minded way. Each workshop will be a balance of experience and knowledge. You’ll receive detailed handouts including tips from the workshop, recipes and gift packs to support you in finding your own flow.



Peaceful Mornings: Ayurvedic Routines & Yogic Rituals

9am to 11am – 2 hours

Sunday May 13th, 2018


The way we start our day, sets our tone for the rest of the day. Learn how to create mindful mornings to bring vibrant energy, clarity of mind, flowing creativity and a peaceful mind for the day ahead.

This workshop will teach you how to create your own peaceful morning routines that anchor you deep into yourself, so no matter what the day brings, you are resilient, optimistic and relaxed.

You will gain an understanding of ancient ayurvedic medicine and modern science, and why waking with the sun and establishing a regular morning routine is so important. This is not only for our physical health and our mental wellbeing, but for also having restful sleep at night!

You’ll learn traditional Ayurvedic and Yogic self-care practices and a gentle but energising Yoga routine. It’s the small healthy habits we perform daily that have immense accumulative benefits in our daily life.

Learn how to tap into natures rhythms and flow. Walk away with a deeper understanding of the importance of peaceful mornings.

Included in this workshop is tea, snacks and a gift pack with all you need to create peaceful mornings.

You’ll learn:

  • A morning yoga routine that’s quick and easy to practice anywhere
  • An energising morning elixir
  • Self-Abhyanga (self oil massage) that unlocks the bodies innate healing qualities
  • Classic Ayurvedic morning detox strategies, beneficial for your current state of health
  • Uplifting pranayama (Yogic breathing)
  • Morning meditation and mindfulness practices



Peaceful Sleep: Ayurvedic Routines & Yogic Rituals

4pm to 6pm – 2 hours

Sunday June 3rd, 2018 


Can’t sleep? Wake frequently throughout the night? Have light, disturbed sleep? Wake feeling groggy and unrefreshed?

If deep sleep doesn’t come easy for you, Ayurveda has a lot to offer. Join this workshop and learn how to wake each morning feeling energised and refreshed.

The Wisdom of Ayurveda can teach us the best routines, rituals and self-care practice to prepare the mind and body to move into a deep, refreshing and rejuvenating sleep. Learn how to tune into healthy rhythms of sleep and wake and discover night-time practices that powerfully shift the body, from the high energy activity of the day into a calm, relaxed and settled state which naturally promotes sleep.

Included in this workshop is tea, snacks and a gift pack with all you need to create peaceful nights.

You’ll learn:

  • Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep)
  • A night time Yoga Asana routine
  • Ayurvedic deep sleep tonic
  • Night time Pranayama (Yogic Breathing)
  • Bedtime Marma Abyganga (self Ayurveidc pressure point massage)




Peaceful Seasons: Ayurvedic Routines & Yogic Rituals

2pm to 4pm – 2 hours

Saturday 16th June, 2018   


In this workshop we’ll explore the ways in which to respond to each season with Ayurvedic and Yogic routines. Harmonising our bodies rhythms with the cycles of nature allow us to flow through each season with ease and grace.

Seasonal routines (‘Ritucharya’) are the ancient Ayurvedic practices that shares insight into what gentle shifts we should take with each season regarding our daily habits, food and yoga practices to remain in balance and prevent seasonal illness including colds and flus, hay fever and allergies. Learn what each season has to offer and ways to embrace its unique expression – not resist it.

Also discover the secret to longevity and anti-aging with gentle but effective seasonal detoxification practices.

Included in this workshop is tea, snacks and a gift pack. You’ll also receive a detailed handout with tips from the workshop, recipes and information on Ayurveda, so you can take this knowledge into your daily life to stay healthy and happy in this season and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • How to and when to gentle detox
  • How to adapt your Yoga practice to suit the seasons
  • How to adapt your Pranayama practice to suit the seasons
  • How to utilise food as medicine to suit the seasons
  • How to shift your daily self-care practices to suit the seasons


Facilitator: Tegan Wallis – Ayurvedic Consultant, Naturopath & Yoga teacher

Location: The Abbotsford Convent

Bookings & more information: tegan@vedawellness.com.au