The Success Without Stress Program has a direct and immediate impact of reducing stress from your mind and body. Reduced stress results in dramatically improved health, peace of mind and enhanced ability to achieve more in your day.

Without a daily practice of meditation we are living without fully discovering our inner potential for energy and happiness.
It’s as if we are carrying a rock in our pocket without knowing it is actually a huge diamond.

Meditation enlivens the deepest and most intuitive levels of the mind that underpin all our thinking, while systematically developing our potential for living a more creative, orderly and  successful life.

You won’t learn this technique from this webinar, but you will learn:

Some key points of ancient wisdom that modern research on the brain is verifying about the power of meditation.

You will learn how The Success Without Stress Program differs from other forms of meditation, and when and where you can learn it yourself.

You will learn some practical tips:
How to reduce the impact of stress in your day.
How to improve your sense of inner control.

Join us for this webinar to learn how Meditation can maximizing Health and Wellbeing.

It is widely misunderstood that meditation is difficult, and so often the practice is not attempted at all. So, if like many other people you believe that meditation will benefit your life, but you are unsure of whether it could work for you. Then join me for this webinar.

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Topics discussed during this Webinar:

  • What is Stress?
  • What is meditation?
  • How meditation works?
  • Understanding the purifying effect of Meditation
  • Finding the path from low energy and low confidence to self-awareness and a sense of inner peace
  • Simple tips for transformation

WHEN: Wednesday 28th September
TIME: 7pm – 7.45pm


Brisbane: October 11th – 15th
Melbourne: October 21st – 24th
Melbourne: November 5th – 8th
Sydney: November 26th – 29th
Melbourne: December 10th – 13th

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Sue Griffith
Meditation Teacher and Life Coach 

Sue Griffith has 23 years experience in the delivery of consciousness-based education programs. She played an instrumental role in the design and development of the Success Without Stress Program, and has delivered the program to thousands of students. Additionally, Sue has extensive experience in executive and life coaching, applying her experience to designing individual health and lifestyle routines that dramatically increase vitality and reduce stress.