Jamu juice is a traditional Indonesian herbal drink. The traditional term Jamu can be used broadly to refer to any kind of herbal medicine in Indonesia, but it also refers specifically to this medicinal juice that is considered to be a cure-all elixir. Jamu is revered by Indonesians of all ages for its power to heal ailments and enhance one’s beauty, strength or stamina.

There are many recipes for Jamu, but this one that I learnt from a Balinese Ayurvedic Healer contains Turmeric, Galangal, Tamarind, Lime and Honey. The most common formulas rejuvenate health, improve the skin complexion, assist with weight loss, reduce cholesterol, purify the blood and even enhance libido (If anyone has read the book or seen the movie Eat, Pray, Love the ‘love potion’ they drink is Jamu)

Turmeric – 5 pieces of the fresh root
Galangal – ½ large root
Tamarind – 1 large tablespoon of pulp
Water – 1 litre
Lime and Honey (Raw Organic) to taste

Cut turmeric, galangal and tamarind into small pieces. Add to blender, fill with water and blend. Transfer liquid into pot and bring to the boil; reduce to simmer for 5 – 10 minutes until liquid has reduced a little. Let cool till warm, add lemon and honey to taste. Can drink warm or cool.
Keeps for 1 week in the fridge.

Drink daily for general health and wellbeing. Can consume up to 1 litre per day if needed.

Turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, liver cleanser, anti-septic, anti-cancer and more… a whole body tonic pretty much. I can go on and on about how wonderful this super spice is!

Galangal is a member of the ginger family and is a wonderful warming expectorant which means it helps clear out congestion and mucous from the lungs. It also stimulates circulation, is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and helps settle an upset stomach.

Tamarind has a beautiful salty/sweet tangy taste and is used commonly in cooking throughout Asia. It helps with weight loss, supports liver function, aids in the lowering of cholesterol and is great for gastric issues such as dysentery.

Jamu is a positive and gentle way to achieve better health from nature’s fresh ingredients and the innate wisdom of ancient traditional medicine. So next time you’re feeling a little under the weather or run down, instead of reaching for the meds, try a little Jamu first. Food as medicine.



Written by Tegan Wallis