When we look deeply into what we as human beings are really searching for, it is of value to do this from the awareness or knowledge of the instinctive wealth within.

Unaware we seek wealth and enjoyment in the external world. Two major occupying motivations are to acquire wealth and enjoy what is acquired.

This is what we call the ‘experience’ of life, which is made up of ‘subject’ and ‘object’. I am the subject, the world outside and around me is the object. When I (subject) connect with the ‘object’ there is an ‘experience’. Because the ‘material’ or objective world was perceived to be the source of security, peace or happiness – then of course the ‘material thinking’ drove our evolution or development. Science studies the objective world uncovering Laws of Nature- electromagnetism giving us great leaps of comfort, electricity, light, and heat; quantum leaps in the progress of our modern society. When you see poverty in third world countries you can acknowledge our progress on one level, on another level we look around and with our progress there is still stress, anxiety, suffering, disease and sorrow, have we found a solution in the search for Wealth in the object or is this the 100% outer story of materialism or what we see as the idea of success.

In ancient times there were ‘subjective scientists’, the Rishis or Ancient Sages who in the Himalayas of India studied the relationship between the ‘subject’ and the ‘object’. The subject was the missing link unattended to by the process of ‘study’ this was called the study of Vedanta, subjective knowledge, knowledge of the subject and how to know the subject or self.

‘Know Thy Self’

Vedanta literally means the culmination of knowledge- Veda means knowledge Anta means end- The knowledge of your true self or real self.

This knowledge was systematically documented as a subjective science with clear Vision and steps of progress allowing for the subjective unfolding of the Inner Wealth or potential of the human being, this leads to the full realization of the Mind, Heart, Body, & Spirit.

The real secret of course is that these three intelligences – mind, body, heart & spirit mask the true reality of the self at its source which is beyond in intellect, emotions or body which the subject only experiences. They discover the inner self by transcending the thinking and experiencing self, which is the source of Intelligence, Creativity & Happiness; this was the purpose of meditation which has its origins in The Science of Vedanta- Inner Subjective Knowledge of the Self.

Ultimately to succeed in the outer material 100%, we need the stability of the inner subject 100%.  This brings more clarity, more energy and more joy to life.  Without these qualities we cannot fulfill our outer picture of the world – well not without stress & difficulty etc.

So practicing 200% of Success is 100% outer material objective and 100% inner subjective knowledge.  200% of life so don’t forget to develop the subject (you) close the eyes for 20-30minutes before you pursue 100% of 100% success in the modern world.


Author: Steve Griffith