Written by Sue Griffith

Everywhere nature is intelligent.
Nature is always changing, evolving.
This is the nature of life – to change and evolve.
We are part of nature.
Now more than ever before, the need of the time is to raise our own intelligence, and restore harmony in our own lives, in the nation, and for the world.
Now more than ever before we need to be the balance we want to see, in our family, in our street, in our neighbourhood, in our city, in our nation, in our world.
We need to be the positivity we want to see in the world.
It is our responsibility to live more harmony, balance and peace- to Be More.
We want to have more, do more, achieve more, have more fun, more vitality, happiness, better health, more wealth.
How can we tap into and use more of our potential?
We use our intelligence, creativity and energy every day.
At the end of the day we feel tired, stressed, depleted.
Like the butterfly we want to dip into the nectar of life.
We want to be sparkling with a renewed energy and a freshness that does not get depleted.
There is a hidden reservoir of energy, intelligence and creativity that lies at the source of thought, deep within every mind.
Every positive thought naturally expresses that creativity and energy.
How do we get to the source of thought?
Easily and quickly.
There is a simple technique.
It comes from the ancient wisdom known as Veda.
We need a simple way to recover energy more quickly, and recover our inner power.
If we could tap into that unlimited supply at the source of thought then we could have a sort of pipeline to draw more into our daily life.
Life is full of change.
Sometimes it seems overwhelming.
But if we can strengthen our resilience, flexibility and immunity to flow with and even lead the change, how much more fulfilling and satisfying life will be.
How can we achieve that?
Achievement comes from action, action comes from thought.
Where does a thought come from?
Somewhere deep in the mind, could be the source of thought.
If we could connect the source of thought with the surface of the mind then we would have a direct line for creativity, intelligence and energy to flow.
There is a simple technique that works.
It is called transcending.
The pearl diver dives into the ocean, reaches the bottom, gathers the pearls, and comes out of the water to enjoy their value – the whole act is done in one dive.
The technique of diving lies only in taking the correct angle and then letting go.
Reaching the bottom and coming out with the pearls happens automatically.
The individual mind gains fullness.
Fullness of meaning.
No longer needing to seek the meaning of all the words of wisdom.
Transcending allows the minimising of a thought until it fades away and the mind is left quiet and awake inside.
This is what you learn.
Learning to meditate is easy.
It works the first time.
Anyone can learn it.
You can’t learn from a book or an app.
You need personal instruction.
When you learn, the first signs of it working is very deep rest and relaxation.
After meditation, you feel fresh and clear.
The benefits come from regular practice twice a day for twenty minutes.
Improve your energy.
Improve your mental potential.
Improve positivity and happiness.
Improve health.
Improve relationships.

The formula is simple.
Every single meditator influences another 100 people positively.
Help to bring in the positive change.
Meditate twice a day.
Dissolve your own stresses and strains, they will not be radiated out into the atmosphere.
We have to help ourselves.

To learn how to make meditation a part of your everyday life. Please visit here. Or be in touch, info@vedawellness.com.au / 03 94998099