Our Rejuvenation Days are specifically designed to boost your Meditation practices, reconnecting you to the core principles of perfect health and effective meditation.

This is a full-day urban retreat, designed to deeply give a refreshing experience and inward focus to renew your routine and your commitment to your daily Meditation practice.

The rejuvenation day combines experience with knowledge. It gives you a unique time for withdrawal from daily responsibilities and lets your body-mind rest and rejuvenate.

The day includes an ancient practice of ‘Vedic Rounding. A sequence of asana (gentle Hatha yoga), pranayama (Yogic Breathing), Meditation and resting called ‘Rounding’.

This experience is deeply beneficial to the nervous system and restores inner balance, perspective and creativity. It adds a renewal of commitment and motivation to our daily meditation routines for deep balance. It restores freshness, alertness and freedom.

Shifting your focus inward can be so nourishing, this is an opportunity for immersion into your inner self.



Please join us for our next Rejuvneation Day.