To be awake, full and vital is to be absorbed in the present moment. Yet the path towards this space of contentment can, amidst the flow of our daily living, seem riddled with roadblocks.


Join us for an experiential fusion of yoga practice, discussion and intentional journaling, to deepen your knowledge of an integrated Self. Through this process, create a road map which leads towards your version of vibrant living.


Ojas is the Ayurvedic concept of primal vigour: the stamina of the mind and nervous system for holding and gaining clarity. Increasing Ojas is necessary for the peace, confidence and patience to keep our transformation consistent. When this quality is low, we lack qualities like joy, steadiness and calm.


Explore what depletes and what cultivates this vital essence in your life, as well as ways to acknowledge and overcome blockages in mapping your wellbeing. We will focus on accessible, foundational elements in our experience of daily life: how we eat, how we think, and how we connect.


Establish a practical path for taking kind, achievable action towards health and wholeness – an important and joyful endeavour that leads towards thriving, collectively.