Our philosophy

Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga

Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga can allow us to experience less stress, more clarity and a greater capacity for joy and authentic happiness. Our philosophy is to respect the connection between body, mind, consciousness and emotion, offering our students practical tools for healthier, happier, more bliss-filled living.
Success Without Stress applies ancient wisdom to support thriving in the modern world. To achieve this, we apply the timeless wisdom of Vedic Philosophy, sharing the tools of Meditation, Ayurveda and Yoga to support you in realising your full potential in all areas of your life.
Meditation is the foremost tool for transcending thought and the mind. Learning mediation creates freedom from stress and limiting beliefs.
Ayurveda means knowledge of life, and its ancient wisdom offers us a powerful tool for creating perfect health. Ayurvedic treatments and retreats are designed specifically to remove stress from deep within the body, and will prevent the accumulation of stress in your body over time.
Yoga is a means to achieving the union of body, mind and breath. We teach and promote yoga as a bridge between body and consciousness, releasing stress while creating radiance, strength and flexibility, both mentally and physically.
Our philosophy? To provide the tools that will support you to live a healthier, happier life. Our years of study and teaching confirm that ancient wisdom can be applied to our lives via practical tools, and that we can, in fact, improve with age.


About Us

For over 25 years, Griffith Group has offered the Success Without Stress Program to some of Australia’s leading corporations, local governments and sporting organizations.
Our partners have included National Australia Bank, Coles Myer, McDonald’s and the NSW Waratahs, as well as leading individuals from the Australian Olympic team, NFL, AFL and the Fiji 7s.
The program supports high performance people in achieving greater levels of professional and personal excellence across all areas of their life. The practical tools taught in the program translate to real-world results, and reflect our passion for supporting the growth of the whole person over the long-term.
By applying these tools and managing their growth over time, our clients can expect markedly improved work performance, enhanced quality of sleep and concentration, increased mental and physical wellbeing, along with an improved quality of their relationships and family life.
In the past five years, the program has further benefited from the introduction of our Sukhavati Retreat and Spa in Bali a wellness retreat in Bali which offers a place of intensive relaxation for our clients, and our Veda Wellness Centre in Melbourne, which supports our clients in the ongoing reduction of stress and enhanced wellness in their daily lives.
These additions have allowed us to more fully serve our clients, offering the best of ancient wisdom and modern science to achieve excellence in health and in life. Our centers apply the ancient techniques of Ayurveda for mind and body enhancement, with the intention of creating perfect health for all our clients.


Griffith Groups - Sukhawati & Veda Wellness

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