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Meditation Program in Melbourne for Brain

Our Veda Meditation Program is specifically designed to help you reduce stress in your life, resulting in improved health, wellbeing and performance. To achieve this, we use meditation: a simple technique that is easy to learn when taught correctly. Reduced stress can result in dramatically improved health, wellbeing and enhanced ability to achieve our full potential.

Many people believe that meditation will benefit their lives, but are unsure of how to meditate, whether they are doing it correctly, or whether they have the capacity for performing meditation as a daily practice. It is widely misunderstood that meditation is difficult, and so often the practice is not attempted at all.

Learning meditation simply requires expert guidance and the correct technique that our practitioners can show you. When taught correctly, meditation is easy and effortless. Our meditation courses in Melbourne are designed to teach meditation for students to benefit from.

How To Learn


Learn About Veda Meditation

Please contact us to find out more and we can organise a time for you to pop into our centre in Heidelberg to chat in person, or via phone for a free introduction. We also run regular free, online Introduction to Meditation Talks. Check our social media for the next date. It’s also helpful to read our Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom content here for background and benefits on the technique.


Confirm Your Dates and Course

We run a couple of courses per month. Please see our home page for upcoming dates for our meditation courses in Melbourne. If you would like to book in for a private meditation course, please email our office.


Book in for your program

We have payment plans available to make this course accessible. Please contact the office for more information.


Start Your Program

You will coordinate with our lovely admin staff and receive a confirmation email with all the details of your program like what to bring, what to expect, etc. Then start enjoying your program.

Why Meditate?

Stress is a common bi-product of the pursuit of success. If not managed and eliminated, stress can drastically reduce our capacity to achieve our full potential.

The mind and the body are intimately connected, and an estimated 90% of illnesses are caused by stress (Dr. Bruce Lipton, Stanford University Medical Centre). The long-term effect of stress on the nervous system is disruption of the growth and repair processes, leading to illness.


What Factors Causes Stress?

  • Excessive work demands
  • Relationship conflict
  • Financial pressures
  • Exam and study stress
  • Past trauma
  • The constant pressure of juggling daily life
  • Illness and medical conditions
  • Poor diet
  • Poor sleep
  • Allergic reactions
  • Toxin exposure


Removing stress from our bodies before it accumulates is a top priority in order to achieve wellness and vitality.

University research worldwide is finding that meditation is one of the simplest and fastest ways to develop mental resilience, improved focus and increased clarity of thought.

This growing evidence shows that meditation techniques practiced by ancient sages and Rishis to develop self-realisation and enlightenment actually provide us with the modern recipe for increased health, reduced stress, enhanced brain development and greater learning ability.

When a businesswoman takes her seat on a plane to attend an interstate conference, she can close her eyes and meditate during takeoff, practicing the most current and ancient form of performance enhancement. Meditation attunes her to her own settled inner state of mind, producing higher levels of brain and physical performance. The technique works to not only improve our physiological wellbeing, but to help us reach our full potential.

Negative effects of Stress

Meditation Benefits Animation

University research worldwide is finding that guided meditation for peace is one of the simplest and fastest ways to develop mental resilience, improved focus and increased clarity of thought.

The Technique

Just 20 minutes of meditation creates a deeper state of rest than is experienced during sleep. On completion of each session, you feel refreshed and revitalised.

The technique is practiced twice daily for 20 minutes, morning and evening, while sitting comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed. It can be practiced anywhere. As you practice a meditation technique, your body sinks into a deep state of rest. The mind settles but is also awake and alert. In this state, fatigue and stress are eliminated from the body.

Our mind has a natural ability to turn within so that all thinking can progressively and naturally subside. How best to achieve this state is, however, not always clear. There are many schools of meditation and conflicting practices.

Some use the end result of meditation as their method: using concentration to steady the mind and stop thoughts. This method is not natural to the brain, and is therefore tiring. It also takes many years of practice before results are experienced.

Other methods direct thoughts to pleasant imagery and ideas, creating a state of relaxation. This approach simply redirects thoughts, actively stimulating the mind in an active, thinking state, rather than training the brain in a way that allows thoughts to subside.

All paths eventually lead to the same goal. Some paths, however, are more direct: few are so easy and effective as the Vedic Meditation technique.

Meditation Techniques for Better Health


There is a growing body of scientific research into meditation for modern health and happiness. International studies in peer-reviews journals are finding that doing a regular meditation program is beneficial for anxiety, high cholesterol and chronic pain. They are also demonstrating the effectiveness of meditation in lowering the risk of heart disease: the number one killer in the world today.

According to the Australian Heart Foundation, one Australian will die from heart disease every 12 minutes. This number is alarming, and the rate is steadily on the rise. Meditation is a natural tool that can be practiced daily to prevent the risk of heart disease, as shown consistently in the growing body of research.


Meditation elevates your mood

Research shows meditation:

  • Increasing positive emotions3
  • Decreasing stress4
  • Decreasing depression
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Increasing self-awareness and mindfulness
Meditation increases your wellbeing

Research shows meditation:

  • Boosting immune function6
  • Decreasing pain7
  • Decreasing inflammation8



Meditation and the workplace

The average cost of stress for organisations is an estimated average equivalent of 10.8 weeks off a year (ABS, 2011). Job-related mental health issues have now overtaken physical injury as the leading cause of prolonged absences from work.

To counteract stress, it has been found that for every dollar spent towards creating a mentally healthy workplace, organisations will gain an average $2.30. (Price Waterhouse Coopers, Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace, 2014).

Organisations that practice meditation at workplace report a measurable change in their staff engagement, productivity and a drop in workplace bullying and stress claims. They regularly conduct twenty minutes of group meditation before starting weekly executive leadership meetings, leading to greater focus and creativity.

Some organisations have allocated rooms as quiet spaces for meditation in the workplace itself. These practical changes address the issues of workplace stress head on, recognising meditation as a practical tool for significantly improved wellbeing.


Research from Our Own Surveys

From follow up surveys with our local government clients, a 19% increase in staff engagement and 18% improvement in staff satisfaction have been shown over a 2-year period.

Survey results from over 350 participants in the Success Without Stress Program reported the following results:

  • 83% reported greater focus and concentration
  • 55% experienced improvement in their sleeping patterns
  • 74% reported an increase in listening skills
  • 89% experienced greater mental alertness and clarity of mind
  • 87% experienced a reduction in anxiety
  • 97% felt the program was a positive and beneficial tool in their workplace and personal life



Meditation Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease

Reduce the risk factors of heart disease and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Normalising blood pressure
  • Reducing anxiety and hypertension
  • Reducing adrenalin, blood lactate and cortisol levels1
Meditation changes your brain for the better

Reduce the risk factors of heart disease and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Improving learning ability and memory2
  • Improving emotion regulation
  • Increasing positive emotions & self-control



Experienced greater mental alertness and clarity of mind
Experienced a reduction in Anxiety
Experienced improvement in sleeping patterns
Had greater focus and concentration
Noticed an increase in listening skills
Of participants feel this program is a positive and beneficial tool in the workplace and personal life.



Survey results from over 350 participants that completed the Griffith Success Without Stress program

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