The Meditation Program

The Meditation Courses in Melbourne

Our Veda Meditation program in a 4-month whole person transformational journey.

Meditation is a technique as well as a practice.
What we know is that it takes 120 days for the brain to rewire a new positive routine, so we have designed a program to support you thoroughly throughout the first 120 days.
Once you have been on the program you will begin noticing subtler benefits and progress is well established.
We love to provide that fastest and smoothest journey of growth and progress for all our members.
For this reason, we have created a program that incorporates and includes all the practical aspects of this Vedic wisdom for enhancing the mind, body, heart and spirit.


What you will receive


  • 4 day Veda Meditation Instruction course 
  • 2 x follow up sessions with your teacher
  • Monthly Group Meditation and Knowledge sessions
  • Weekly Group Meditations and access to  our Veda Wellness Community
  • Wellbeing program –  ongoing emails on Ayurveda, yoga and holistic wellbeing 
  • The ability to re-sit the course at any time in the future, for free


The course begins with meeting your teacher to discuss how the meditation will match your personal present needs. Then attending the 4 consecutive instruction days you will learn how to meditate.

After the initial learning, further follow up will be scheduled. You’ll have 2 follow up appointments with your teacher within the first month to ensure you are on the right track and are enjoying your practice.

We are here to support you all the way.

After that, you can join us for our weekly group meditations and monthly group meditation and knowledge evenings. You’ll receive monthly emails with inspiration and further knowledge on this ancient wisdom including Ayurveda and Yoga to support your meditation practice, holistically.

When you know more about yourself, you can grow in satisfaction and certainty. You can connect more deeply with your inner being and outer expression of yourself our body.

We then offer our Advanced programs, workshops, retreats and rejuvenation day experiences – a one day Yoga and Meditation retreat. These allow deeper meditation and deeper levels of rest and refreshment. They really add progress to your practice.



Day One

The first session will be an individual 45-minute appointment. In this first session, you will receive individual instruction in the technique from an experienced teacher. Even in the beginning, most people notice a deep settling and quietening of the mind and a refreshing restfulness arises, allowing you to discover how your mind can be trained to minimize the affects of stress on your body and life.


Day Two

In the second session, your practice of the technique will be verified and validated. This 90 minute group session covers the practical aspects of using meditation in your daily routine, including when, where and how to meditate to get the very best results.


Day Three

The third session is designed to further develop your understanding of the technique, and will check in on the accuracy of your practice. You will learn how the mind and body work together during meditation, and you will also learn how the state of deep rest that is experienced during meditation increases your personal energy and leads to clearer thinking. This third session is approximately 90 minutes long.



Day Four

The fourth session focuses on the immediate and long-term benefits of the meditation technique. You will learn how physical, emotional and mental stress is created, and how stress impairs brain functioning, creativity and problem solving abilities. You will also learn more about how to eliminate the stress that has accumulated in your body over a lifetime. This will allow you to experience enhanced abilities for clear, focused and creative thinking, supporting you as you connect to your fullest potential.




These coaching sessions are designed to re -establish the effortless practice of the meditation. In these sessions you will systematically refresh the meditation technique, do a 15-minute meditation with a teacher and cover your questions and your strategies for establishing a routine at home.




Join us for group meditations and discussion on Ayurvedic and Yogic Philosophy with like-minded fellow students.




After your program, we support you in creating new daily habits and routines to support your meditation practice. People come to meditation for all sorts of reason and we know the foods you eat and the lifestyle you live can support or hinder your desired outcome. Here at Veda Wellness, we like to support you, holistically. These ongoing emails provide knowledge and inspiration to create health, happiness and success in all areas of life to help you reach your full potential and move to high levels of consciousness.





Any time you feel you need a refresher on the meditation, our teachers are here to support you.


How to Learn


Learn About Veda Meditation

Find out more about our technique to see if it’s for you. Attend a free introductory information session with our teacher. It’s also beneficial to read our Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom content here to learn more about the history and benefits of this technique.



Confirm Your Dates and  Course

Please see our home page for upcoming meditation course dates. If you would like to book in for a private course, please email our office.



Book in for your program

We have payment plans available to make this course accessible. Please contact the office for more information.



Start Your Program

You will coordinate with our lovely admin staff and receive a confirmation email with all the details of your program like what to bring, what to expect, etc. Then start enjoying your meditation.



Individual:   $950 plus GST


Payment Plans are available. Please be in contact.