The Overview

Ancient Vedic knowledge offers a wealth of practical tools for living both a healthy and meaningful life.

Until recently, modern science and psychology treated the body and mind as separate. Western medicine in particular has addressed mostly the symptoms of illness, rather than the primary causes.

The Vedic approach is to address the body and mind as one. Both are expressions of consciousness interacting with itself, and are integrated.

Through Quantum Physics, western thinking has come to increasingly appreciate the close relationship between the laws of nature and the human mind, and the balance that exists between the two. This awareness of the nature of existence has formed the basis of Vedic knowledge for thousands of years.

The ancient practice of meditation, specifically, is a tool for creating within us this balance between nature and the mind, bringing wellbeing to all aspects of our nature.
We are deeply grateful to the masters of the Vedic tradition and our teachers, whose wisdom we have studied for more than 30 years. We pass on this wisdom so that you can enjoy transformation in your life, as we have done with thousands of students and clients over the past 38 years.


Our meditation technique originates from the Vedic tradition of India, a tradition stretching back several thousand years. The practice lies at the heart of the Yoga system, and plays a key role in Ayurveda – translating as ‘Science of Life’ – the world’s most ancient system of natural healthcare and personal development. The ancient Rishis of India (the Holy Men) discovered that human beings could access greater powers through the development of consciousness. The Vedic Meditation technique we use today is the result of over five thousand years of research and investigation into the subtle inner workings of the mind, body and being. The Rishis sought to connect with the vast mental resources that lie virtually untapped below the surface of our conscious mind, developing meditation as their primary tool.

Over time, this knowledge of the ancient Vedic wisdom was spread around to the world. This exact practice of meditation is now used by millions of people worldwide – people from all walks of life – united by their commitment to improved health, vitality, wellbeing and spiritual connection through their daily practice. From entrepreneurs to celebrities, children to spiritual seekers: the technique is available to everyone. This ancient technique has been effective for thousands of year, and is now withstanding the rigors of modern scientific investigation and verification.

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